No Deposit Car Insurance in the Bedroom

Fourteen days ago, I wandered the streets in search of something with meaning. I canít tell you exactly what I was looking for, but I was looking really hard. I wandered into a pet store and petted the puppies on display in the window. How much was that doggie in the window? I donít know, I never asked. I donít want a puppy and if I did, I would adopt one from the shelter. I hate cats, so I didnít even look at the large selection they had in the back of the store.

Later, when I was hungry, I stopped by a diner for lunch. The food was delivered to me hot and I always enjoy a good, hot meal. I was tempted to order dessert, but since my belt was already starting to feel snug on my waist, I passed on any treats. I paid my bill and headed back out to the bright sunshine, unaware of what was about to happen.

As I passed a tavern, I could hear the cheers from the patrons as they watched the latest sporting event on TV. It appeared the hometown team was winning by the loud ruckus coming from the open door. I donít know which game was on, but it didnít matter to me anyway. Iím not a sport fan and donít follow any teams.

When I came to the corner of the block, I met a pretty young woman who asked me to come to her flat and help her look for her no deposit car insurance policy. Iíve never heard that pick-up line before, so I followed her down the street to her building. Once inside, the woman locked the front door and turned to face me. She had a wicked smile and announced she thought her no deposit car insurance paperwork may have fallen under the bed. She asked me to have a look and as I knelt alongside the bed, she ran her fingers through my hair. The no deposit car insurance policy wasnít there and I told her so.

She thought for a moment and decided it may be in between the sheets of her bed. She pulled back the covers and hopped onto the sheets. She squirmed around for a while and announced that there was no sign of her no deposit car insurance in the sheets either. She stayed in the bed, however, and arched her back as she told me to look behind the sofa. I looked behind the couch and low and behold it was there.

She hopped up out of bed and took the paper from me. She then told me to get out of her apartment. The woman said she no longer required my services and I must leave immediately. I felt hurt as I walked down the street alone. I was hoping she would cook me a meal and run her fingers through my hair one more time.

Copyright Ian Hart 2010